Sadness Warrior



Sadness Warrior

She was new, and then was repainted. She will come with the clothing shown with jewelry and accessories, as well as eyelashes.

Her eyes are amazing and look like crystal.
I use high quality pastels and acrylics to create one of a kind Monsters High. No two are ever the same. The sealant i use is Mr. Super Clear Matt UV cut.

Effects of water droplets on the doll.

She’s fully articulated, and has been customized with a new  warrior esthetic.

The complet outfit and the sword on her hand is not removable. The ornaments of her head are not removable.

Accompanying signed certificate of authenticity.

Don't miss this opportunity because it will be the only one! 
Just for 150€
Shipping to Spain: 8€
shipping to Europe: $30
shipping to US:        $30
Payment by paypal within 3 days after the bid
Estimated time of delivery 2-3 weeks

Happy shopping!


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One of my hobbies is the transformation of standard dolls (Monster high, Barbie, etc...) in new and unique dolls (OOAK), like mermaids, fairies, and other fantasy-look. If you are interested in one of them, just let me know and if are available, I will inform you how to get it

Uno de mis hobbies es la transformación de muñecas "normales"(Monster Hight, Barbie, etc...) en muñecas únicas y especiales (OOAK), como sirenas, hadas, y otros looks de fantasía. Si tú estás interesado en una de ellas, sólo dímelo y si está disponible yo te informaré de cómo conseguirla.